Audi and motorcycle manufacturing subsidiary Ducati have joined forces in a bid to avoid collisions between the two vehicle types.

In the first demonstration, specially-developed wireless 5G communications technology between vehicles enabled an Audi model to send out a warning that prevented one collision at an intersection and another in the course of an across-traffic turn collision. It was also able to detected when a motorcycle running ahead of the car suddenly braked.

A Ducati spokesperson said: ‘The connected vehicle technology used is a key element in our 2025 safety road map’.

Within this, models with front and rear radar units are already in the pipeline for 2020 production.

The equipment will deliver feedback on the surrounding traffic environment and alert the driver to the risk of collisions with obstacles or other vehicles.

National police motorcyling safety lead Tim Madgwick said: ‘Motorcyclists continue to represent a high proportion of those either seriously injured or killed on our roads’.