The United  Kingdom’s Intelligent Transport Society, ITS (UK) , is harnessing its membership’s wide range of expertise and experience to produce a credible version for how transport technology will support the best possible transport services in 2030.

The new Futures Forum is being tasked with holding two physical workshops and producing one white paper looking at the long term possibilities for transport, and how ITS can support them.

The Forum will be chaired by a person recognised as a thought leader in both future mobility and transport technology and consists of volunteers from within the ITS (UK) membership to demonstrate UK-representative diversity in type of employment, area of expertise, age, gender, ethnic origin and physical ability. ITS (UK) will select from volunteers in order to achieve this.

The 2 workshops, in London next month and Glasgow in January will address the question “What will an optimal transport service provision consist of in 2030 and how can transport technology support its delivery?” The group’s findings will be published in April 2020.

ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin explained, “You cannot go to an ITS-related event anywhere in the world without hearing the words Future Mobility, usually before you walk through the door.

“It is entirely right that ITS (UK) should be thought leaders on this, given our huge range of expertise, so we will help set the agenda for the government and private companies when it comes to the way we expect to travel in the future,” continued Martin.