A number of high profile decision makers from around the world will tackle the issue of how to fund and apply the huge range of Intelligent Transport solutions at the first annual ITS (UK) Summit this November.

The Society, which is the voice of transport technology in the UK, is committed to go beyond what the technology does to examine the barriers to implementation.

The Director of Michigan’s Department of Transportation and CEO of the American Center of Mobility, Kirk Steudle, will be the keynote speaker discussing how he used technology to improve transport in his state, how he funded it, gained support and some of the pitfalls. He will also give his views on the future.

Leading figures at a range of UK transport authorities, including the Department for Transport, Transport for London, Highways England, Transport Scotland, Traffic Wales and Northern Ireland’s Department for Infrastructure will discuss how technology projects get prioritised and funded, facing questions from the audience who are welcome to give their views and share experiences of when projects worked, and when they didn’t to discover whether the process can be done better in the future.

The event will also host an Oxford Style Debate on whether the focus on driverless cars is good or bad for the ITS Industry and the future of transport. Under the chairmanship of esteemed consultant and ITS (UK) Connected Vehicle Interest Group Chair Andy Graham, debaters will include CAV critic, the veteran transport journalist Christian Wolmar and CAV supporter Giles Perkins, who is Future Mobility Technical Director at WSP.

More session details will be released in due course.

The event is designed to not only get beyond talking about technology solutions and into the challenges of implementation, but is also to ensure that it is full of debate and not just a long list of speeches and PowerPoint presentations, with delegates encouraged and enabled to give their views throughout the day.

ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin said, “When we decided to introduce a new annual meeting for ITS (UK) members, I wanted it to be different from the long list of conferences that already crowd our working life. We see great solutions week in week out that don’t actually reach implementation, not because they are not excellent but because funding or understanding does not exist. This Summit will be looking at how we can change this. I promise it’ll be a lively, thought provoking day and not Death By PowerPoint.”
The Summit takes place on 27th November at the Bristol Harbour Hotel. ITS (UK)’s annual President’s Dinner and Awards ceremony is the night before, hosted as always by the Society’s President Steven Norris.


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