A significant improvement in driver behaviour and speed limit compliance, and a resulting drop in accidents, has been measured since Scotland’s first urban Average Speed Camera (ASC) system went live on Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh one year ago.

Jenoptik’s SPECS3 VECTOR system was introduced to improve road safety on the route, reduce the number of collisions and encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit.

Figures show that since ASC went live there, there are on average only two offences recorded per day, compared to three fifths of vehicles speeding prior to the installation of ASC.  In addition, during the last year there have been no injury collisions reported on Old Dalkeith Road within the area covered by the Average Speed Camera system.

Jenoptik Traffic Solutions Director Geoff Collins said, “SPECS Average Speed Cameras have a proven record in improving safety on 350km of Scottish strategic roads, but this is further evidence that lower speed limit, urban routes are also dramatically safer for residents and road users alike where ASC are operated.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager Inspector Vincent Fisher added, “It’s clear after the first full year of operation the system has encouraged a significant change in driver behaviour and I would like to personally thank all the drivers who use this route for considering their driving manner and helping to make the road much safer.

“Prior to the cameras being installed, less than 40% of the 15,000 vehicles a day which use the road were adhering to the speed limit. We now find that on average, speeding offenders have been reduced to only 2 per day and in the last year nobody has been injured on the section of Old Dalkeith Road covered by the system.”

Head of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme, Steven Feeney commented, “These findings add to the compelling evidence that average speed cameras help to transform driver behaviour. This encouraging improvement in speed limit compliance along this section of Old Dalkeith Road is a step towards achieving safer road travel, reducing the number of serious injuries and moving towards an ultimate vision of zero fatalities on our road network.”

City of Edinburgh Council Transport and Environment Convener, Councillor Lesley Macinnes, concluded, “These figures are extremely encouraging and demonstrate a real change in driver behaviour as a result of the Average Speed Camera system on Old Dalkeith Road.”