What attendees had to say about the ITS Summit 2018:


"A great opportunity to meet with fellow industry professionals and to hear the latest developments and approaches from leading authorities and suppliers."

"Excellent event to feel the pulse of the sector through informative presentations, lively debates and a great forum for networking"


"Very positive. As members we at Kier were made to feel very welcome and included. The Oxford debate was something that was a success."
Paul Wilson,
Kier Group

"I thought it was a positive event on the calendar and could see it establishing itself as a must attend."

"Good gathering with relevant updates and good opportunities to network."
David Threlfall, Arcadis

"A very good day that was well organised with a good balance of speakers."

"This was a really worthwhile day. Well done to the organisers - it was high quality, relevant and very smooth. A very good event indeed."
Adam Hill, editor, ITS International

"I thought the breadth of speakers and the knowledge and expertise they could bring to the table was inspiring with a good selection of male and female speakers. I took away a point from the key note speaker Kirk T. Steudle around taking some of the budget for research for the future (20-30 years’ time) and working with universities to do this. One of my favourite parts of the day was the Oxford style debate on driverless cars. In summary I found the day very insightful, well run, and have plenty to take away back to my current work"
Beckie Claytor, WSP

"I enjoyed it very much, a great opportunity to network and listen to the issues, concerns, plans and ideas around the industry... we need more of it."
Karl Asbury, Technology Manager, Kier

"Very positive experience and great opportunity for networking."

"It was an informative and often entertaining day which was instructive to me as someone who hasn't been involved in writing about the industry for very long. I thought Steven Norris and Kirk Steudle were both excellent speakers and Jackie Davies conveyed a real energy and passion for her work - plus Cees de Wijs was a highlight of the afternoon. I was also impressed by Paul Hutton's presentation and handling of questions. The driverless cars debate was highly enjoyable."
Jack Roper, Traffic Technology International.

"This event was a great opportunity to me, as an early career professional, being able to experience a networking event with people both within and external to the company was interesting. I particularly enjoyed the debate that was held, regarding Driverless vehicles. Hearing the arguments for and against, got me thinking about the challenges we face as an industry."
Emelia Hollington, Graduate ITS Engineer, WSP

"Good event and met many colleagues. The interactive sessions were the best. Also excellent intro by S Norris"

"Very interesting. I particularly like the debate session."
General Secretary, ARTSM

"Good opportunity to network. Oxford debate is a positive approach."
Dr Marie Kanayan, Milton Keynes Council

"Very interesting day, particularly the debate format which more conferences should defintely adopt. It got the room buzzing!"
Will Baron, Keysoft Solutions

"The day event was very well organised and was very informative with a wide variety of subjects covered."
Simon Waterfall, Kier

"It was a useful event for networking. It was also useful to understand the latest thinking on technology - the debates were very interesting."

"Excellent event, bringing together wide range of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in the industry."